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How much is your home worth? What’s the competition like? What could help increase your sale price? Read more to learn about the selling process. Then, let’s get you a Competitive Market Analysis to start.

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Important Factors to Buying or Selling a Home

Enter the Real Estate Market Informed and Prepared

Step one in any agency relationship is getting you up to speed on what’s happening in the real estate market.  Let’s get a feel for how homes are valued, what to expect and how to position ourselves.

Things we’ll cover:

Investigate “Comps” – Recently Sold Home Prices

Evaluate opportunities for Extra Value in Your Home

Determine Your Priorities – For Example, a Quick Sale or Max Price?

Get a Picture of Current Homes on the Market

Understand the Landscape: Homes Selling Fast or a Buyer’s Market?

Determine the Optimal Price to List Your Home

Competitive Market Analysis

Expert Qualitative & Quantitative Valuation of Your Home

Competitive Market Analysis

Let's start the process by having Jamie complete a professional competitive market analysis for your home. This does more than simply get a possible sale price for your house. Jamie will walk through your home and provide you with suggestions for possibly capturing extra value through various improvements...some for almost no money spent!

Don't Trust Automated Valuations

Have you ever wondered why most of the internet sites that provide an “instant home valuation estimate” such as Zillow or Trulia are typically off by 20% to 40%? These sites can only value based on location and basic core home data. This is a start, but ignores huge factors like design, curb appeal and market conditions. Web estimators are just that: estimates. We'll evaluate your home and the market to help you determine the very best price. Other requirements you may have will also influence price, like how quickly you need to sell, the condition of the home and others.

Why Jamie Hunsberger

The optimal home list price recommendation comes from the intersection of a full understanding of the other homes for sale, your home's strengths and the competitive market forces at play. Jamie's experience gives you a competitive edge in Omaha.

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