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Buying a home should be exciting and fun, but because of the complications, paperwork and pitfalls, it can devolve quickly. I’ll walk you through the process, so we can regain the joy.

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    Jamie Hunsberger: Your Secret Advantage

    15 Years of New Construction, Interior Design & Staging Experience

    Jamie has been a professional designer for home builders. She’s sought after for home sale staging with other realtors throughout Omaha. She’s in constant demand for interior design client work. All this experience is priceless in choosing the best realtor to buy and sell a home.

    Professional Interior Designer

    15 Yrs Home Staging Experience

    New Construction

    Gifted Negotiator

    Uniquely Kind & Friendly

    Tenacious Attention to Detail

    It's Taken Care of —

    All the Elements You Need to Buy & Sell


    Whether you are picking options for new construction, staging to sell or finding that diamond in the rough, Jamie's 20 years of design experience is priceless.

    People Person

    Jamie is Omaha's friendliest realtor. Genuine, kind and likeable, Jamie is the type of person who likes everyone she meets.

    Negotiating Skills

    This most important soft skill can pay the biggest dividends down the road. Jamie is second to none in the crucial offer and counter stages of the sales process.

    Follow Through

    Attention to detail and reliability finish the task. She'll walk you through offer to closing, start to finish.

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